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Why Join Grobots

Here You Will Find The Answers Of Your Most Asked Questions

1. What is Grobots?

2. Why join Grobots?

Are you interested in Robotics ? Do you want to develop your interpersonal skills ? Do you want to increase your technical Skills ? Then this is the place for you !! Here in Grobots , we as a family work together in pursuing our passion for robotics while showcasing excellent teamwork n perseverance . We believe that every idea is worth it n let creative minds do the talking

3. What will be my role and benefits?

We all know,
Our college organises Two main fests every year

  1. Gantavya 
  2. Abhivyakti

Lets talk about each of them one by one !
Speaking of Gantavya (the technical fest of the srmgpc) , we organise 6 big events namely :

  • Autonomous
  • Semi-Autonomous
  • Robo Soccer
  • Robo Race
  • Miniwar
  • MegaWar
The club works together in making these events a hit among the students !
Throughout this , we get to learn so much other than just mugging up the syllabus .
We get a chance to let our skills to do the magic ! We think , we plan , we draft , we organize & we execute together with like-minded people.
Speaking of Abhivyakti , students like you get the opportunity to showcase their fun and creative side by planning organizing lots of exciting games !!
And it all doesn't end here !
We as a team have participated in various technical events across the country , Be it IITs , NITs or local colleges and secured top positions often .
If you too want to be a part of the GROBOTS Family , then become one by registering yourselves below and embark on the journey with us !