Greetings Junior ,

We are glad to see you here !

We hope the best for you as you're going to  embark on a new phase in life , College life ! College life is not about mugging up on the entire syllabus , its about having the right practical exposure and  exploring the various aspects of your personality . 

In Ramswaroop , Grobots is the right place for you !!

Let's tell you about us !


GROBOTS or "growing-bots" is The ONLY Technical Club of Srmgpc which is entrusted with the resposibility to organise Robotics as well as Technical events of the college .

Here , we as a family work together in pursuing our passion for robotics while showcasing excellent teamwork n perseverance . 

We believe that every idea is worth it n let creative minds do the talking


For those who are passionate about technology , Grobots is the place for them .

N for those who are skeptical about us , lets clear the air !

There's no doubt that Robotics is the future , And as Bachelors in Technology we are expected to be up-to-date with the latest advancements out there !

In the practical world , our technical skills are daily put to test .

And as the saying "when the going gets tough , the tough gets going " , only a few stands the test !

Grobots is a family of aspiring minds like you who are interested in learning about and working with robots.



Our College organises an yearly fest by the name Gantavya.

It is the technical fest of Srmgpc , a 3 day festival for the tech buffs ! 

Here ,The Grobots Club organises 6 big events namely :

Autonomous :  An autonomous bot is the one  which is fed with the programs and it works according to the logics  and commands given to it (without any human interaction). This  event is  tests the programming of the participants and to make  them acquainted with various problems like light following, line  following, heat detection and much more. It ultimately  aims at enhancing your thinking, problem solving and observing  abilities.

Semi-Autonomous : This event is a mixture of  autonomous and manual bot.  It not only requires the  participants to showcase their  programming skill but also  demands them to have a  manual control over the bot. The bot is checked for its ability  to sense the obstructions (like  heat detection, color detection etc.) and its manual mechanism.

Robo Soccer : In this , there are two teams with two manual bots each . The bots are  act as striker or goal keeper and are constructed according to their  roles . The event gets wild as the team can attack their opponent with their weapons on their bots .

▪Robo Race : Touted as one of the most exciting  events of Gantavya. The arena of  this event is as long as the list of its  participants. It contains various hurdles for the manual bot  to test the participants for the  controlling, strategy andthe  design of the bot. In this the bot is engaged in a breathtaking race  between participants while overcoming various hurdles like speed brakers, pyramids, etc.

▪Mini-war : This event is quite an aggressive one .Manual bots of  around 7kgs are involved. It has three  opponent teams revolting against each other. 

▪Mega-War :  This event is the visual treat or the center of attraction of gantavya .In this , heavy bots around 50 kgs fight each in a ferocious battle. The event tests the participants for their strategy of attack , bot design and control. 

it all doesnt end  here !

We as a team  have participated in various technical events across the country , Be it IITs , Niits or local colleges and secured top positions often .

Become a part of this exhilarating experience by registering with us !!

We are waiting for you :)