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 GROBOTS !  Pronounced as Grow-Bots, meaning Growing Bots. Grobots is the Robotics; and the only technical; club of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Group of Professional Colleges, Lucknow. Student community of Grobots is responsible for holding national level Robotics Event for tech-fest Gantavya. It conducts weekly classes of robotics for the interested students and also teach them how to make a ROBOT. This club is also responsible for helping students in getting through their projects and bots for events held within the college and outside the college.

What is robotics!!!
Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacturing , and operation of robots.
 Robotics can be seen as a field of getting inspired by natural mechanisms and converting them into non living parts in such a way to reduce human work. It’s an ocean of endless opportunities, a path never to end and a fun never to let you bored  of.

It is a technical fest organized at SRMCEM, Campus- Tiwariganj Faizabadroad LKO. Mostly it is held in the month of October and November. The robotics society at SRMCEM has a great role play. Every year  national level robotics competitions are held in different innovative manner. One of the most important aim of these events id to generate a sense of practical engineering problems coming in ways  of every engineer .Events are so framed that every participant gets an full fledged chance to open up their mind and taste the real engineering problems.

clip_image001    It provides a platform to all the students in making their projects.
clip_image001   Grobots conducts a regular class for both manual and autonomous bots.
clip_image001   It provides bus facility to the day schollers and supper facilities to the hostellers after the classes.
clip_image001   It provides a platform for participating in different national tech fest in different national colleges such as IIT’s, NIT’s etc.
clip_image001   Here, if you are going to register or applying for membership then it will valid upto next 4 years.


RoboRace                                                            RoboSoccer
RoboWar                                                              SumoWar
Line Following Robots                                        Amphibious Event


clip_image001     2nd Prize in IIT KHARAGPUR in robowar in in 2015.
clip_image001     3rd prize in IIT KHARAGPUR in Droid Bitz in 2015.
clip_image001     2nd prize in IIT ROORKEE in robowar in 2016.
clip_image001     1st prize in IIT BHU in mannual in 2016.
clip_image001     3rd prize in IIT KHARAGPUR in robowar in 2017.
clip_image001     2nd prize in IIT KANPUR in autonomous event in 2017 & many more.

Grobots Organizing Committee

                                                    MR. NITESH KUMAR JAISWAL
                                                              MR. UDDAISH POROV

                                     HEAD OF PUBLICITY & CYBER                                                                                            Manish Singh (IT 4th yr)

                                          HEAD OF STOCK & FINANCE
                                           Shivam Pratap Singh (EE 4th yr) 
                                                     HEAD OF DATA
                                                  Jayant Singh (EC 4th yr) 


                          HEAD OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
                                                    Shivam Singh (EN 4th yr)
Our Email ID:- grobots.srmgpc@gmail.com

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